The Theyyam Photography Expedition™ 2018

Kerala, India, April 2018

Theyyam Photogrphy Expedition - Advanced photography workshop in Kerala, India. Portrait of a Theyyam performer by Dariusz Klemens
Photography Expeditions in India - The Theyyam Photography Expedition™ - Photo Expedition India - Theyyam Performance, Kerala, India. Photo: © Dariusz Klemens

Face to Face with the Living Gods of Malabar

‘Theyyam’, a ritualistic art form combining dance and music, indigenous to the Malabar region of northern Kerala, in South India, forms the subject of this advanced photography workshop. A living cult governed by centuries-old traditions, rituals and customs, Theyyam presents unique photographic challenges and opportunities.

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This Expedition is an advanced photography workshop suitable for experienced photographer with a good level of technical competence and travel experience. The workshop is limited to 5 participants, and participation is subject to a portfolio review and Skype interview. If you ask to be notified when the Expedition becomes available, you will be automatically given priority access to booking.

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Postcards from The Theyyam Photography Expedition™

The Procession
Good Friday Procession
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