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Travel Photography Workshops, Pushkar Camel Fair Photography Expedition - Specialist photography workshop with Dariusz Klemens in Rajasthan, India. A view of the Pushkar Camel Fair at dusk. © Dariusz Klemens
  The Pushkar Mela   Rajasthan Photography Workshops Diaries

Tucked between the worn down ranges of the Aravalli Hills, in a valley lapped by the sands of the Great Indian Desert, the sacred town of Pushkar is a bright ellipse of white-washed temples curling around the pink-blue waters of a lake that Hindus believe was formed when a lotus – …read more

Travel Photography Workshops, Pushkar Camel Fair Photography Expedition. Specialist Photography Workshop with Dariusz Klemens, Rajasthan, India. Riders of the Maut ka Kuan: a woman rides inside the Well of Death, during the annual Pushkar Camel Fair, in Rajasthan. © Dariusz Klemens
  Riders of the Maut ka Kuan   Rajasthan Photography Workshops Diaries

In Pushkar, on the outskirts of the Great Indian Desert, when evening turns to night and the camel traders gather around their campfires to share stories of the day’s business, the riders of the ‘maut ka kuan’ prepare to stun the gathering crowds with their death-defying stunts. The Well of – …read more

Travel Photography Workshop, Trans-Himalaya Photography Expedition - Specialist Ladakh Photography Workshop with Dariusz Klemens. A view of Thikse Monastery, Indus Valley, Ladakh, India. © Dariusz Klemens
  Leh and the Gompas of the Indus Valley   Ladakh Photography Workshop Diaries

In the rarefied air of what was once known as ‘The Kingdom in the Sky’, colours are vivid, shadows are sharp and distances are deceptive since there is no haze. This is only one of the particularities of Ladakh that make it ideal for photography. Rich in opportunities for people – …read more

  Of Cardamom and Tigers   Kerala Photography Workshops Diaries

The High Ranges of the Western Ghats are cloaked in blue mist when we start on our journey to the village of Kumily, the gateway to Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala’s best-known animal reserve. Shadowing the crest of the Western Ghats, the road connecting Munnar to Kumily cuts – …read more

Travel Photography Workshop, The Pepper Coast Photography Expedition - Specialist Photography Workshop Kerala with Dariusz Klemens. Kochi, Queen of the Arabian Sea: Silhouette of a Muslim Woman in Fort Kochi, Kerala, India.
  Kochi, Queen of the Arabian Sea   Kerala Photography Workshops Diaries

They call it ‘God’s Own Country’ and when you approach it from the air, you begin to see why. As the plane banks, a vast swathe of emerald green swings into view; thousands upon thousands of palm trees stretching to meet the cobalt blue waters of the Arabian Sea. Where – …read more

Best Landscape Photography Workshop Kerala, South India: The Pepper Coast Photography Expedition™ - Specialist Travel & Landscape Photography Workshop in Kerala with Dariusz Klemens. A bungalow from the colonial-era nestles amongst the tea plantations of Munnar, in the Western Ghats of Kerala, South India. Photo: © Dariusz Klemens
  The Green Mountains of Kerala   Kerala Photography Workshops Diaries

It is six o’clock in the morning when we begin our journey to the hill station of Munnar, in the Western Ghats. Early mornings in India are a must; the time before this immense country wakes up is always magical and Kerala is no exception. As the sun rises behind – …read more

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