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The Pepper Coast Photography Expedition™

Travel Photography Workshops India - Specialist Photography Workshop Kerala: The Pepper Coast Photography Expedition™ - Landscape Photography and Street Photography Workshop in South India with Dariusz Klemens. Blue dawn over the 'Cheena Vala', or Chinese fishing nets, near Kochi, in Kerala, India. Photo: © Dariusz Klemens

Daybreak over the Cheena Vala

Two fishermen in a canoe make their way through a cluster of ‘Cheena vala’, the ‘Chinese fishing nets’ that grace the south-Indian coast around the town of Kochi (Cochin), in Kerala, South India.

We photograph Kochi and the surrounding seascape at different times of the year, on the Pepper Coast Photography Expedition, The Theyyam Photography Expedition, and the Monsoon Photography Expedition.




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